Invest with Confidence

BWC Capital launches 21st Century Economic Development Infrastructure Fund (EDIF)

BWC Capital recognizes that…

Infrastructure facilitates growth, and where infrastructure exists, so too does opportunity. This is true for economic development, for which adequate infrastructure – e.g. roads, water and sewerage systems, electric power, etc. – is a necessary input for fostering sustainable economic growth. This is true also for people, for which opportunity infrastructure (e.g. access to employment, transit options, healthy and safe communities, etc.) enhances the overall quality of life for individuals, families, and communities. Infrastructure is about more than steel and concrete, it’s about people too.

To learn more about the EDIF, check out the flipbook.

Why Invest in the Fund

BWC Capital’s commitment to expanding opportunity to more minority and women professionals along the economic development continuum differentiates the firm and the Fund within the alternative investments space. Our belief in expanding access to opportunity is informed by the success of BWC Consulting, which has been made possible in part by the willingness of stakeholders in the economic development space to partner with the firm and allow its people to demonstrate and deliver value-add expertise and services. BWC Capital leadership remains grounded by this journey and launch the Fund guided by the understanding that building bridges to opportunity for others make us all stronger.

For BWC Capital, this means actively seeking opportunities to engage and work with minority and women professionals – e.g. architects, contractors, engineers, specialty professional service providers – in executing the Fund’s investment strategy. This intentional effort increases the presence of experienced and knowledgeable minority and women practitioners that will contribute to making underserved and marginalized communities more resilient and better able to address social and economic challenges, as well as capitalize on promising opportunities.

Our nearly 50 years of combined knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship, economic development finance, banking, business strategy, asset management, and public-private partnerships serve as a unique value-add asset to the Fund’s portfolio of investments.

Invest with Confidence

In keeping with BWC Capital’s “keep it simple” approach to investing, management pursues investment opportunities in a straightforward manner.

  • Identify prospective investment opportunities through our various networks (e.g. NMTC network, existing and prior client referrals, and business development networks).
  • Conduct preliminary due diligence to determine which prospective investment opportunities BWCC will focus time and energy pursuing further. Subsequently, deeper due diligence is conducted for attractive and promising opportunities.
  • For investment opportunities that garner strong interest, BWCC works with stakeholders to right-size financing requirements and determine how the Fund will participate via an investment. The Fund has multiple vehicles for which to invest in deals (e.g. debt and equity structures).
  • Proven Back Office Execution, Reporting and Compliance: Upon the Fund making an investment, BWCC will engage in post-financing closing oversight to ensure execution of investment strategy in order to meet Fund investment performance targets.

To learn more about the EDIF, check out the flipbook.

Infrastructure is about more than steel and concrete, it’s about people too.